International Thoracic Organ Transplant (TTX) Registry Quarterly Data Reports

Several quarterly data reports are available which provide aggregate year-to-date statistics for thoracic organ transplants by continent. The tables are updated every three months to include the most recent data received by the TTX Registry. The table(s) and continent you select will include statistics for 2016 and the first two quarters of 2017 as well as the comparable numbers for the entire ISHLT Transplant Registry database. As more recent data are included, the older data will no longer appear in the tables. If you have any questions about the data that appear in these tables, please contact

To build your report, select the report type and organ type.  You may select a continent from the drop-down menu or by clicking on a continent from the map.  The selected report(s) will be displayed.  You may build a different report from the top of the page and then click the Get Reports button.

1. Select a Report Type:

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Transplant recipient demographics
Transplant characteristics
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Patient survival - Recipient demographics
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Patient survival - Donor demographics

2. Select an organ